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Our Partners

System Leadership

In support of an integrated approach to system leadership and coordination, the Behavioural Support System Steering Committee was convened in November 2012 and is comprised of members from across the health care system including:

  • Persons with Lived Experience (Caregivers)
  • Primary Care (Family Physicians, Family Health Teams)
  • Emergency Paramedic Services
  • Mental Health and Addictions (Crisis, Case Management)
  • Community/Home Care (CCAC, Community Support Services)
  • Specialized Geriatric Care (Geriatric and Psychogeriatric Outreach)
  • Acute Care Hospital
  • Long-term Care Homes

Service Delivery

In support of an integrated approach to cross-sector and multi-disciplinary service delivery, the expert member System Operations and Sustainability Subcommittee shares clinical best practice approaches to integrated care and works collaboratively to address barriers.

Education and Training

In support of continuous quality improvement and the implementation of best practices in behavioural health, the Education and Capacity-building Subcommittee facilitates individual and group learning opportunities that foster collaboration between individuals, families, teams and organizations.